Optimism. Happiness. Sunshine. Laughter. Enthusiasm. Confidence. Emotional Strength. Friendliness. Creativity. Uplifting. Knowledge. Self-Esteem.
Do at least ten of these characteristics describe you?
Apply now, and we'll make it a dozen. Challenge us!




You are always the go-to person and have an answer for everything. You enjoy connecting with people, helping them, and guiding them. If this sounds like you, then great news! You complement our customer service position perfectly. Get started today!

  • Welcome and check in clients as soon as they arrive
  • Keep track of the calendar in the online booking system daily
  • Make sure booked rooms are clean, prepared, and fulfill customer requests
  • Be familiar with the HUB's space and its equipment
  • Schedule and confirm appointments
  • Maintain event calendars

Facility Family



You enjoy working as a family or couple. For you, it is impossible not to notice a small piece of dust or a forgotten glass on the table. Our HUB needs a person like you!

  • Maintain clean and tidy co-working space areas
  • Check the place on a regular basis
  • Report any defects in the space and its equipment

Event Guru



If you consider yourself to be a natural born host or hostess who loves a good challenge and to meet fascinating people, then you are the event guru we are looking for!

  • Work with customers to identify their needs
  • Coordinate the team during the planning period
  • Organize event facilities such as décor, catering, equipment, promotional material etc.

Printing Freak



Calling all organized persons looking for a peaceful job with a purpose! Help us produce printed marketing materials for our beloved clients.

  • Coordinate with our clients
  • Keep prints organized
  • Produce printable materials with our equipment
  • Adobe Illustrator ready
  • Adobe InDesign ready
  • Adobe Photoshop ready