Our Story


The SocialWorkHUB is a non profit organization and a social business devoted to promoting social inclusion through social work, infrastructure, Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Based in Austria with representation in the United Kingdom and Switzerland, the SocialWorkHUB collects, verifies and shares valuable and relevant information with social workers, practitioners and other NGOs to enable them to reach their objectives and cater for their audience.

Such information is related to emergency preparation and prevention, accessibility and de-radicalization. Furthermore, through a team of experts who specialize in a variety of different fields, we can carry out a hefty number of large-scale projects and support local organizations with media production, strategic consulting, and other useful services.

In addition to connecting social workers through information and promoting inclusion by utilizing communications technology, the SocialWorkHUB initiates, manages, and scales various projects in the area of social work, accessibility or radicalization prevention, which support the work of existing organizations or directly helps the target audience.

2015 - 2016

The year 2015 was a year of crisis for Europe in general and Austria in particular. The tens of thousands of refugees who entered in waves to seek asylum shook the Austrian political and social system. Zmary and Dunja Gharwal saw this problem as an opportunity to offer relief and aid to those in need and develop a proper and efficient response strategy.
With their expertise as social entrepreneurs and a deep understanding of the situation, they managed to provide social workers, government officers, and nonprofit organizations with the necessary information, training and consulting which enabled them to face and overcome their overwhelming challenges. The much-needed work of the SocialWorkHUB, which was in high demand, resulted in the organization growing in unexpected directions, all through meeting and interacting with various people and exchanging thoughts and ideas with them.


The year 2017 was a year of transition, reflection, and repositioning. As the SocialWorkHUB grew and developed as an organization, more stakeholders initiated contact and requested support with various projects. From accessibility to radicalization and social work, the HUB’s services became highly diverse. The growth required more members and hubs to open in Switzerland and the U.K to support the increasing demand. Realizing the potential for expansion, we knew it was important for us to define our mission accurately and set clear goals and objectives. Our primary focus was on having control over the direction of our growth and not be steered by external forces. This period of re-evaluation proved highly beneficial. The clarity brought through self-reflection gave us an essential boost of energy which remains strong to this day. With more team members joining the cause, we prepared ourselves to achieve our ambitious goals in the coming years.


The year 2018 was a year of unexpected opportunities, countless challenges, and rewarding achievements. Many projects, which were in the initiation and planning phase in the previous year, began to be implemented by the HUB’s team. Perhaps the most significant and most visible project is the shared office solution at the Franz-Josefs Bahnhof. This enormous building which once served as a bank is now a vibrant, lively ecosystem for social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. The project, which experienced many ups and downs just weeks into its initiation, is finally realized and the foundations laid for the Grand Opening in 2019. Other important projects such as the social network platform and the inclusion map are also moving forward with eager and enthusiastic team members bringing them to life. With a clear focus and a solid team, we managed to do the impossible and transform an old corporate office into a hip and fun co-working space.


And here we are now

Over the last four years, the SocialWorkHUB has been growing and expanding. Now, a highly committed team is running the diverse projects of the organization. The SocialWorkHUB’s newly established co-working space is becoming a center for social entrepreneurship and innovation as well as an event space for workshops, conferences, and social events. As an accredited U.N organization, the SocialWorkHUB is regularly invited to international conferences where our team promotes our values, services, and represents select community members such as SpeechCode or Pedius.

SocialWorkHUB’s evolution is a result of passion, vision, and dedication. These values guide us in our daily work and in our plans for the future. Together with our partners, collaborators, interns, and supporters, we intend to continue evolving and spreading the message of inclusion, equality, and accessibility.