Aurela Hyka

HR & Reception .
No coffee without milk. Always in charge. Social educator. Ask her – she knows it.

Aurela Hyka

Aurela Hyka.

Most FAQ: Is Stella your nickname?
No, it's my name! People often believe that Stella is just a nickname because it's not written in my passport. Or they say, "Oh, so you just like to be called Stella, not Aurela?" Stella is my given baptism name, which makes it official.

What is your passion?

For as long as I can remember, I've been passionate about teaching, although my degree is in International Business Administration. From the moment I began my education, I fell in love with HRM (Human Resource Management), and now I know why - just like a good teacher can change the life of a student, so can the right HR policies make a difference in the entire work experience of an employee. People are our future; thus, it should be our priority to provide them with the best education and training. My greatest professional dream is to contribute to the improvement of the educational system, training, human capital management, and help people with identifying their passions.

Why did you join the SocialWorkHUB?

The SocialWorkHUB is more than an organization. It speaks directly to the heart of people. When I entered the building for my interview, I could already feel the vibe of a closely connected community. I truly support and believe in the values of the SWH, and this is what motivates me. Work never feels like work if you love your workplace!

What Inspires you?

People who are kind inspire me. One of those people is my mother. The greatest thing she has taught me is that the dedication of your time and resources to help others and care for them can never harm you; it can only make you feel meaningful! So, my life dream is to accomplish even a fraction of what my mother did.

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My close friends call me Stella.