Christina Paul.

Most FAQ: Does everyone call you Christina or do you have a nickname?
Since I was a child, my whole family called me "Tini." A few years later, when I was a teenager, Tini was not cool enough for me anymore, so all my friends started calling me "Chrissi." Chrissi sounds much cooler and grown up. Today, my family calls me "Tini" and my friends "Chrissi." Both nicknames are okay for me. But I introduce myself as "Christina." I think it is a beautiful name and it fits me.

Why did you join the SocialWorkHUB?

Joining the SocialWorkHUB was a coincidence. A friend showed me The SocialWorkHUB's newsroom, and there, he introduced me to Zmary. That was my beginning at the SocialWorkHUB. Zmary told me about the idea behind the HUB Parkour. I thought, "What a great idea to show not only grownups but children, how it feels when you have to live with a handicap and depend on a wheelchair; what barriers disabled people have to fight every day." Eighteen years ago, I was in an accident, and since then, I've lived with a disability and depend on a wheelchair, so I think I have a lot of experience in this field. For me, it's an honor to share my experience with others and offer them the chance to open their eyes by seeing the world through mine. I can do that with the parkour as well as from the newsroom. Stay tuned.

What inspires you?

People who stand up when they fall. People who don´t give up and live their lives.

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