Daniela Fülle.

Most FAQ: Do you have a nickname?
Yes. Since living in Austria, most call me Dani. The unique reason for this is because I work with children and teenagers who have difficulty speaking, and so the short form of my given name is more comfortable for them to pronounce.

What is your passion?

I am a teacher. During my studies, I started an internship in a school where I learned ways to create holistic, joyful, and playful learning for a variety of personalities from creative colleagues and beautiful children. There, I became familiar with the system of Conductive Education. This holistically sophisticated way of working: positive, human-centered work partnered with the combination of movement, encountering and educating with "heart, brain, hands, and humor," and applying theoretical knowledge and experience - that's what I wanted to learn and do.

I've learned a lot in the last twenty years from my children, young people, and teams. Awareness, togetherness, skills for daily living, appreciation, lifelong learning, success through many small steps, participation, and inclusion have become a significant part of my experience over the years.

Why did you join The SocialWorkHUB?

I enjoy my work in the social field and sharing my experience with people, like to develop and implement ideas together in a team and spread ideas that are relevant to daily living. I also work in adult education and on various projects, such as the “Accessibility Trail” at The SocialWorkHUB. There are excellent opportunities to make inclusion a reality.

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