Lukas Walcher.

Most FAQ: What are your gifts?
Creating art is one of my gifts. In 2015, I went to Berlin to study art at Frank Pieperhoff's private art academy. Painting with colors gives me the possibility to be free.
I am also gifted in understanding people and their emotions. During my time in Berlin, I took part in inner-emotional spiritual workshops. There, in the middle of an emotional crisis, I realized I should spend more time concentrating on other people. My crisis sent me not only to Berlin but to India as well, looking for the "right thing" to do so I'd feel better.
I learned yoga and puja from a spiritual man named Saddhu who helped me empower myself and find the answer for which I was searching. To my surprise, the answer was simple: give people love and happiness. That was a life-changing moment for me. I started to see a different version of myself, and it's that version I want you to see.

What type of work do you most enjoy?

I like to work with people because I believe that my feelings, insight, and understanding are very sensible. In my eyes, everyone is welcome and of equal value. I want to support people and provide them with a deeper understanding of their love and goodness.

What is your dream?

My dream is to make a better world, where everybody is in a safe place and full of love and happiness; where they can show love and kindness to themselves and others. I want to spread love and peace by inspiring people to open their minds to new things and changes.

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