Maria Wegenschimmel.

Most FAQ: Are you annoyed by your surname?
Yes and no. A few years ago, I was ashamed of my surname because people often giggled after hearing “mold” in my name, the English translation for the German word, 'Schimmel.' But, as we grow older, we (hopefully) grow wiser. So now, I tell people that "Schimmel" is not about mold; it’s about the elegant kind of white horse: the “Schimmel.” Since then, I am pretty okay with my surname, and people don't joke about it as much anymore.

How should people remember you?

I want people to remember me as a peaceful, loving, kind, and a powerful human being. As a social worker and journalist, (as well as hopefully becoming an empathic psychotherapist) I want to live out my true values in my daily life: at The SocialWorkHUB, at home, on the street, in my adventures, and so on.

What are you passionate about?

I'm passionate about the art of proper, excellent communication; this feeling of stepping into a mode of flow between two people connecting through speech; skipping the small talk and discussing real life stuff. I'm especially passionate about practicing yoga (on and off the mat) and meditation, reading a good book (my favorite one is “Momo,” by Michael Ende), and drinking a cup full of strong coffee.

What makes you happy?

I prefer asking "What makes you 'content'?" instead of 'happy' as happiness, to me, is a fleeting emotion while satisfaction is long-lasting. Fresh air, sun on my face, good company, and a nice cup of coffee usually do the trick. But, as you'll quickly discover, numerous things make me smile.

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Peaceful. Kind. Powerful.