Zmary Gharwal.

Most FAQ: Is Zmary your real name?
Yes. I grew up with an oriental name in the centre of Vienna, Austria. So, guess how funny that was. But in the end, it turned out the name is unique as I am!

I realized very early, that I am passionate about connecting people. Networking became a big part of my daily routine and I started to think about entrepreneurship. After several jobs as an employee, I started my first own business. Well, it took some years to figure out what branch really works for me. After business consulting, headhunting and finance, I finally fell in love with communications and social media.

Did I find a way to make my dream come true?

I probably should say “yes”, but honestly, let’s say I am on the right way to make my dream come true. After several mistakes I made in the past, I also had hard days, months and years, I try to make my dream come true. So getting the things done, also means to face the truth, face the mistakes, face the fact that I failed. Stand up and try it again. That’s the most difficult part of being an entrepreneur.

The first time I failed I didn't believe it could happen to me. I really ignored the fact that I failed. It was a painful experience, professional and emotional. I tried it again, and, what a surprise, after a short time I failed again.

How do I handle failure?

To fail means to be excluded from nearly everything, professionally, socially and of course financially. It is hard to stand up and try it again. But that’s what I do. Stand up, be creative, be passionate and hopefully succeed with what I am doing.

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